August 21, 2016

Bamberg Castle – Bamberg Germany

Posted by: johncohn @ 3:16 pm

Carl and Brynn are carrying samstones on their trip… here’s one they placed in Bamberg germany

August 19, 2016

Budapest – Hungary

Posted by: johncohn @ 6:29 am

Brynn and Carl placed a samstoen for us in Budapest

Reisenrad – Wien, Austria

Posted by: johncohn @ 6:23 am

Carl and Brynn placed a SamStone at the giant ferris wheel in the Prater at Wien.. I used to live near there !

Melk – Austria

Posted by: johncohn @ 6:20 am

Carl and Brynn placed a samstone at Melk.. I have great memoris from there from my time in Austria

Regensburg Synagogue Monument – Germany

Posted by: johncohn @ 6:16 am

Brynn and carlput a smastone in this solemn place

Passau – Germany

Posted by: johncohn @ 6:11 am

Brynn and Carl placed a Samstone in Passau

August 16, 2016

Donegal Beach – Ireland

Posted by: johncohn @ 5:54 pm

Hi John, I posted an update on when we placed our Sam’s Stone. My kids were so taken with the story of the stones that we could never agree to part with it until we found the right spot.

We finally decided on a spot on a family vacation last week and left our Sam’s Stone facing West on a wild and beautiful Atlantic beach in


Two, things.

- Do you have more of the Sam’s Stones I could get? The kids all want them now to bring with them and place!

- I’ve attached a couple more pictures of the beach where we placed the Sam’s Stone.

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Mt Washington – NH

Posted by: johncohn @ 7:31 am

Shmul and his family placed samstones on mt washington !
samstones placed at the summit of mt. Washington. One overlooking VT (
the picture with the view) and two at the very top stones pillar.

Flume Gorge – NH

Posted by: johncohn @ 7:30 am

Friend shmul and family placed samstones in Echo Lake

And two more samstones – the first somewhere along the Artist Bluff trail (near Echo lake), the 2nd along the Flume Gorge.

August 5, 2016

Essex Junction, VT

Posted by: johncohn @ 4:15 am

Name = Susan Saunders

Email =

Message =
I found a Sam Stone in my brother’s jewelry store in Essex Junction
after his sudden death. He played the guitar, wrote and recorded his
own music. It sounds as though Stephen and Sam had a connection-if
only in spirit. That must be the reason he had the stone.

Here is Stephens obituary

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