February 27, 2015

Pooh Bear House – Cambridge Ma

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Just wanted to let you know that this morning after much deliberation I placed our Samstone.  Although we never had the chance to meet Sam, we feel as if we know him a bit from your stories and blogging so I put our Samstone on the roof of the Pooh Bear house between Harvard’s science center and the music building. Youth Science Music. Photos forthcoming.
Thinking of you today and holding you all in our heart.

Sarah and Dan


February 5, 2015

Slough – UK

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Friend Andy writes:


Check out my 32.3 mi ride on Strava.


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January 21, 2015

Lake Colby – NY

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Name = Chris & Amanda Pugh

Email = arotunda@ymail.com

File attached = sam stone on lake colby.jpg

Message =
This photo was taken while Chris and I were ice fishing with my older
Brother Jay. We were on our Family Vacation in Lake Placid NY on Colby
Lake. Our parents no longer get us gifts for Christmas instead they
treat us all to a vacation all together. It is the best Christmas

Lake Placid – NY

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Name = Chris & Amanda Pugh

Email = arotunda@ymail.com

Message =
We left a Sam Stone in the house that we stayed at with my family.
In Lake Placid NY.
44 Grandview Ave
Lake Placid NY
An amazing place to stay! Homeaway.com

Lake Placid – NY

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Name = Chris & Amanda Pugh

Email = arotunda@ymail.com

File attached = sam stone.jpg

Message =
Chris & I went out on the town in Lake Placid NY. Left a Sam Stone in
the stone wall outside of

January 19, 2015

Snow angel – Bolton VT

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I did a naked snow angel on the long trail between Bolton notch and stage road


Billy’s Island – Georgia

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Name = Lindsey

Email = Coppolalindseym@gmail.con

Message =
I found this rock on a camping trip to Stephen C. Foster park in
Georgia. We went on a boat ride to Billy’s Island and found the
SamStone inside of an old tram part! This was a highlight of my trip!

January 17, 2015

Winkfield – UK

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Andy writes: Check out my 37.2 mi ride on Strava.


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January 12, 2015

Riviera Maya – Mexico

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Renée wrote: “Sending a samstone into the Caribbean for fate to carry away. http://l.facebook.com/l/ZAQEsvU-EAQFqQqshb4KXaSA6DbBV5OB0JgTF-0lspG76XQ/www.samstone.com”;

January 4, 2015

Ettlingen – Germany

Posted by: samstone @ 9:38 am

Dear John and family, on Dec 25, 2014 I finally placed my first SamStone. It’s very close to my home town Karlsruhe in Germany. The SamStone can be found in the town of Ettlingen in a stone wall at the edge of a very small creek called Krebsbaechle (“crab creek”) right before it joins the bigger Alb creek (which actually continues to Karlsruhe and comes by only 200 meters away from my parent’s home). The longitude of the SamStone is about 8.421301, the latitude 48.93531 (or N 48° 56′ 7.118” / O 8° 25′ 16.684”). I hope you find the place on a map. All the best and a happy and healthy 2015, Andrea

Sam’s Great, great grandfathers family was from Ettlingen !

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