September 28, 2014

little marlow – UK

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Andy writes

Check out Afternoon Ride on! It’s a 19.1 mi ride I did on Friday, September 26, 2014.

“been a while since I’ve been out ;-)”

See you on Strava!
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Cafe Amsterdam – Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

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Hi John,

currently stuck in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, due to early snowfall. The trip is full of coincidental meetings.

Yesterday we ended up in Cafe “Amsterdam”, in the center of the city here where we suddenly met a Japanese entrepreneur who was working on Climate Change and Precision Agriculture. He is currently connecting us to his people in Japan and to Ulaanbataar University. It seems that this Water Preservation / Precision Irrigation using low-cost devices is really hitting the right notes.

Moreover, I am really thankful to have to opportunities to bring Sam here, it is really  a great addition to our travel. I will send you a set of pictures soon; we have some great footage and places where we placed the stones. Btw, yesterday we placed the first stone in Mongolia, at a rather special place :-)


Robert-Jan Sips

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Thanks so much for the update. It’s so cool to imagine where you are , what you’re seeing and who you’re meeting !

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Bright Angel Point, Grand Canyon – AZ

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