July 21, 2014

Leeuwarden – the Netherlands.

Posted by: samstone @ 4:48 am

Name = Caryn Hart

Email = carynthart@gmail.com

File attached = 14698156562_bebaf57f84_o.jpg

Message =
I put a SamStone in the water at Welcome To The Village , a lovely
open air festival I thought Sam would have enjoyed.
It’s at Groene Ster in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Henley on Thames – UK

Posted by: samstone @ 4:44 am

friend Andy carried a samstone on his bike



July 17, 2014

Little Marlow – UK

Posted by: samstone @ 6:36 pm

Friend andy carreid a samstone on his bike around the Little Marlowe loop

July 12, 2014

Crystal lake – illinois

Posted by: samstone @ 4:42 pm

Name = Mari Swift

Email = swiftsx4@yahoo.com

Message =
My son, Ben, had the pleasure of meeting you when visiting my brother,
Steve Wyatt. You gave Ben several SamStones which now are a part of
our rock/shell collection displayed in our family room. I see them
often and think of your loss and imagine Sam’s spirit. After my
brother died in 2011, my father in 2012, and my husband’s sister just
today, I see those stones and think of all the great souls that have
been lost. It gives me peace. You can add Crystal Lake, IL as
another place on the map where SamStones rest.


July 9, 2014

Maidenhead – UK

Posted by: samstone @ 6:33 am

Andy writes

Check out my activity on Strava


Garmin still acting up so using Strava instead.
Cheers Andy

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July 6, 2014

Lerum, Sweden

Posted by: samstone @ 8:05 pm

Name = Mikael Haglund

Email = mikael.haglund42@gmail.com

Message =
After travelling with us from Lerum, Sweden, to Sydney, Cairns and
Melbourne in Australia
(https://www.flickr.com/photos/10135746@N08/14571458292/) and back,
this stone was placed at


under a tree root
(https://www.flickr.com/photos/10135746@N08/14571460522/) overlooking
the lake (https://www.flickr.com/photos/10135746@N08/14385581760/) on
June 20th, 2014.

Universal studios, FL

Posted by: samstone @ 7:59 pm

Name = Joe

Email = scarjoet@comcast.net

Message =
Found under the globe fountain in city walk at universal Orlando. then
turned it in to lost and found. :-( Should have came here first.

Seaside – Oregon

Posted by: samstone @ 7:56 pm

Name = Kimberley Reef

Email = kimreef@hotmail.com

Message =
I was cleaning out my old Honda CRV because we are going to sell it.
I found this round clay stone under the center console arm rest.  I
have absolutely no idea who could have put it there.  Many friends
have been in and out of that car in the 14 years we’ve owned it.  The
car has also been broken into a couple of times.  I seriously cannot
think of how this object got into my car under the arm rest….I’m
We live in Seaside Oregon….on the north coast of Oregon…..right
below Washington State.
I’m going to poke around your website now.
Love, Kim

June 23, 2014

Eton – uk

Posted by: samstone @ 3:21 am

friend Andy writes:


Hi John, I’ve had some cycle computer problems and so some of my recent rides haven’t recorded well. This was a quick loop I did on Saturday in the beautiful sunshine. Cheers Andy


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Bolton mountain – VT

Posted by: samstone @ 3:17 am

Name = Amy and Miranda Grover

Email = megrover1999@gmail.com

Message =
We found a SamStone this afternoon at the top of Bolton Valley Ski
Area in the Ski Patrol building on the picnic table. 6/20/14

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