November 24, 2014

Jonesville – VT

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Name = Elliot Diana

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I will upload a picture of the samstone I came to posses when I place
it somewhere I feel fit. Last night I slept in your yard after a few
cold days on the long trail, thanks to your generosity. While taking
down the trampoline for the winter with Sam’s father he mentioned a
trip to the Iguazu falls in Argentina/Paraguay and mentioned the
concept of the stones. In the morning while repacking my bag quickly
in the shelter of the garage before heading out again I saw a Samstone
and decided that in exchange for a place to sleep and a brownie from
the potluck the night before, I would take Sam back with me to my
woods and place him in my woods where I grew up. I didnt have any
other way to thank you so this is the least I can do. You have a great
family and it was an honor to experience a little of it (with the
music coordinated fire show). Have a good thanksgiving

November 23, 2014

Rocamadour – France

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at in Quercy, north of Cahors.

November 17, 2014

Samstone – Harvard Kennedy School, Boston

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Charles put a samstone at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Johnsohn – VT

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Name = Chris

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I bought my first home in Johnson in September and moved in with my
wife. We are expecting our first child, and we felt so blessed to have
a beautiful new home to start our family. While cleaning out the new
nursery, we found our SamStone tucked away on the windowsill. We will
keep it there to share the love with our new baby boy as he grows.

Stokenchurch – UK

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