February 22, 2017

Big Sky, MT

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Name = Cory

Email = cory277@live.com

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Found it nearly two years ago on an island in northern Lake Champlain,
Vermont! We went to shore to stretch our legs while fishing for
smallmouth and decided to skip some rocks when I looked down and saw a
sam stone! I kept it, never looked it up, and carried it to Montana
with me.

I moved in with a guy named Sam and asked if he wanted the rock, which
he immediately took interest in and found your website. Now the sam
stone sits on display in our condo in Big Sky, MT; very neat concept
and ironic the fate of our sam stone.

January 23, 2017

Maidenhead – UK

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Andy says:

Check out Afternoon Ride on Strava.com! It’s a 20.3 mi ride I did on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

“Cold but glorious ride in the winter sunshine”

See you on Strava!
— Your friends at Strava

January 20, 2017

Mtatsminda Pantheon – Tbilisi, Georgia

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Name = Zhanna Gomanenko-Provenzano

Email = zhannochka.g@gmail.com

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My sister and I spent some time in Tbilisi, Georgia right before last
Christmas. We placed one of the Sam stones on Mtatsminda Pantheon
with a beautiful and peaceful church on the mountain with a view on


January 8, 2017

Thayer School – Boston Ma

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Hi John,,,It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. Thank you so much for your kind words. I must tell you first that there is a sculpture garden at Thayer Academy where I teach. It was built, a sculpture in the design of a fountain was commissioned and installed, all in Jared’s memory. Here is a picture of it:

You gave me two of Sam’s stones. I put them in the earth beside the fountain after the dedication ceremony in 2007.

My exhibition, “A Father’s Kaddish” was held last year and has since closed. I’m sorry that you never noticed the announcement that went out to the group. After I did the deinstallation I assembled an online presentation of the exhibition. Here is the link. I hope you will take some time to view it. It is as close to having been in the gallery as possible: www.thepottersshop.com/a-fathers-kaddish

While we do have the wi-fi capability to Facetime or Skype in the gallery where we meet, it would not work for the filming.

I hope that we get a chance to see each other again sometime soon,


Steven Branfman
43 Chinian Path (M Roadway) via Googlemaps: https://goo.gl/maps/o5J66mBZy8K2
Newton, MA 02459
ph: 617/964 0442
cell: 617/447 3500
studio: 781/449 7687
fax: 781/449 9098

Will you join me in helping to rid the world of childhood cancer? Please support my efforts in the Pan Mass Challenge http://www.pmc.org/profile/SB0159

January 2, 2017

Zion National Park – Utah

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James left a Samstone in beautiful Zion National Park

Sequoia National Park – CA

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James placed a SamStone near the General Sherman tree in

Sequoia National Park

Death valley – NV

Posted by: johncohn @ 2:52 pm

James braved Death Valley to put a SamStone there

Guadalupe State Park – Texas

Posted by: johncohn @ 2:41 pm

James put a samstone in Guadalupe state park

Blue Hole – Texas

Posted by: johncohn @ 2:37 pm

James left a Samstone in Blue Hole near Wilmington, TX

McKinney Falls State Park – Texas

Posted by: johncohn @ 2:28 pm

James put a Samstone in this cave in McKinney Falls State Park

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