About SamStones

SamStones are made with love. They are small fired clay rocks that have Sam’s name and our website on them. We make these stones by hand in community gatherings where we all come togetrher to have fun  and to heal. We give the stones out to anyone who wants them and invite them to keep them, pass them on or place them in a special place. We hope tht anyone who finds a SamStone pciks up a little of Sam’s joyous spirit . We also hope they find their way to theis website where thhye can tell us about where they found the stone and/or where they placed it.
If you want a few SamStones for yourself, you can request them here
If you found a SamStone. or have a SamStone story, please let us know about it here.  You can also see a map of where the SamStones are here.

A table full of amStones