February 12, 2018

Tela island – sumatra

Posted by: samstone @ 10:56 pm

of a Sam Stone at Stinson! We so welcome his presence, and I’ll be sure to move him around from time to time to ensure a fresh look in the right direction, depending on the day. And I’m not sure if Diane passed on my information, to wit, that I took Sam to the Telo Islands in Sumatra on a surf trip some 7 or so years ago. Upon leaving, I nestled him into a protected spot overlooking an absolutely beautiful right break, good breeze, safe spot. He’ll tell you all about it later, I’m sure. ‘Bye for now.

February 11, 2018

Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

Posted by: samstone @ 3:42 pm

Hey John it’s Jack Werner, I wanted to send you these! Brought a couple stones up to the , it’s a beautiful area, tons and tons of snow!

Chilly Jilly’s. – boulder City, Nevada

Posted by: samstone @ 2:53 pm

Name = Karen Crittenden

Email = mrskcrittenden@gmail.com

Message =
Dropped our rock in a geocache Travel Bug Hotel in the small town of
Boulder City, Nevada at a great little cafe called Chilly Jilly’s.
Our son is also named Sam.  We love spending time outdoors and hope
this rock keeps moving.

January 28, 2018

Black park – UK

Posted by: samstone @ 4:19 pm

Friend andy writes:

Check out Marlow Riders – Ouch on Strava.com! It’s a 40.6 mi ride I did on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

“1st ride of the year and it hurt Lol”

See you on Strava!

— Your friends at Strava

January 1, 2018

Rubias – Portugal

Posted by: samstone @ 10:36 am
From: Linda Putz <lindaputz70@gmail.com>
Subject: Sam stone
Date: December 30, 2017 at 1:54:50 PM GMT-5
To: diane@gmavt.net


Happy new year Diane!  How grateful I am to have met you!  Here is where I placed sams Stone.  I carried it until I thought it spoke to me!  I want to say near Rubias on the Portuguese trail!  Not real sure at this point in time! It was such a beautiful spot. I just cried!   Hope you are doing well and I think of you and Deb very often! Peace…health…and tons of joy for our new year!  With a Grateful heart!   Linda Putz

December 28, 2017

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Karlsruhe, Germany

Posted by: samstone @ 12:22 pm

Dear John,


4. A photo of the place where we ‘hid’the SamStone. We placed it at the core of the KIT campus at the Fridericiana statue蟚meters next to the spot where Heinrich Hertz first discovered electromagnetic waves (second photo).


…Looking forward to hearing from you and best from Karlsruhe,

Niklas & Robin


PS: The KIT offers a travel grant for 2018 with the possibility to apply until 01-14-2018. We don’t want to rush things, but it would probably make funding easily possible.


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI)


Robin Hirt, M.Sc.

Research Associate




December 16, 2017

IBM Leanring center – Armonk, NY

Posted by: samstone @ 1:20 pm

Name = john Toglia

Email = johnnylegend7@yahoo.com

Message =
I received my Sam Stone directly from Dr. Cohn! It is on my desk now
at work, I am so honored and humbled. Thank you John, I have loved
working with you all these years!!!

John Toglia
AV/IT Multimedia manager
IBM Learning Center

November 29, 2017

Anastasia State Park – Fl

Posted by: johncohn @ 6:15 am

Name = Lynn

Email = qwikchik63@aol.com

File attached = IMG950368 (1).jpg

Message =
Found this in

    Anastasia State Park, Fl.

We were on the nature trail,
and found a tree with a small, deep hole. Peering into the hole, we
saw this stone. With my hands being the only ones that would fit into
the hole, I gingerly inserted my hand and entire arm to reach the
stone. Upon researching internet, we found out what we recovered. We
placed it back in the hole, for others to hopefully find.

November 26, 2017

Geocache Las Vegas – NV

Posted by: johncohn @ 5:08 am

Name = Luis Sandoval

Email = Gore.sandoval@gmail.com

Message =
Found a sam stone in a geocache in Las vegas
We found the sam stone in a geochache in a riverbed in a small city called Henderson in Las Vegas nevada, the riverbed had a nice trail going around the river bed and park surrounded by tons of big green trees. When walking the trail we heard the sounds of frogs and crickets. It was very peaceful. The Sam stone rock was in ammo can with a small white paper in a zip lock bag with directions of what to do with the stone if found . We traveled to Utah and Arizona thanksgiving day weekend and placed the Sam stone in a different geochache in another ammo can near the Arizona Utah Nevada border, with hopes he will travel out of state on another adventure. Have you heard of geocaching?

November 15, 2017

Cape Point – South Africa

Posted by: johncohn @ 3:52 am

Hi John
I hope everything is great with you and family. Here is the last stone I placed at Cape Town and

here is the url for 360 photo:
Sam’s Stone at Cape Point https://theta360.com/s/oWwnjbJ7ymvCHrkfVCZEmPgIK

here is 360 photo source:

and normal (!) photos..

so, since I have no more Sam’s Stone, we have to meet again 🙂

wish you great day/week. reha

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